Before Purchase

Can I use my own API credentials?

Yes. If you have valid API credentials provided by the retailer store, you can use that instead. In this case, you do not need a monthly subscription.

Which retailer does DropshipExpress support?

Currently, our plugin supports AliExpress. However, we are working on adding these platforms in the near future: Amazon, Walmart, Costco, eBay, GearBest,, Homedepot, and Lowes. Note that the list may change at any time.

How many users can use a single license?

You can use a purchased license on a single domain only. It is possible to change your domain once every 30 days.

Is DropshipExpress truely automatic?

As much as it’s possible. Our plugin will automatically search and import products based on defined rules, publish them in the background, and update them whenever they are updated on the retailer’s store. You can even setup an API to process and ship orders automatically. However, in some cases such as failed delivery, human intervention is required.

Are there any additional fees?

No. Unlike some of the other plugins, we do not charge any additional fees. The only fees are purchase fee, and monthly subscription fee ( optional ).

Do you provide support?

Yes. To submit a support ticket, please follow this link. Note that you need a valid purchase license to have access to our support team.

How can I buy the DropshipExpress plugin?

Our product is free. You can download it here from the WordPress plugin repository.

What’s the difference between DropshipExpress and other plugins?

There are many, such as being automatic, supporting multiple stores, no additional fees, and more. For a full comparison, please click here.

What does DropshipExpress plugin do?

DropshipExpress is a WordPress plugin that enables you to import, publish and sell products from retailers such as Amazon or AliExpress. The plugin is designed to automate all of the above, so you can focus more on your customers than manually doing the above tasks.