How many products can I import?

Unlimited. This is one of the key differences between our product and similar plugins. However, there are some limits applied to protect our servers from flooding. It is very unlikely that any legitimate user will ever hit those limits, except bots.

What happens if my subscription expires?

If your subscription expires, you will keep all the imported products and still are able to manually import any product by their IDs. Only the automated features will stop working.

How much does the monthly membership cost?

Our monthly subscription is at low as 19.5$/month. We would have loved to eliminate this fee, but since the plugin uses our own server to process requests, we need to provide our own API and cover its costs.

Do i need to buy a monthly subscription?

It depends. Without the subscription, you can still import as many products as you want, manually by their ID. However, features such as listing the retailer’s products or automatically importing them does not work. It’s worth mention that if you have a valid API credential from the retailer’s store, you do not need a subscription at all.